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Xavier University project director:

Prof. Karim M.Tiro, Department of History


Xavier University project team:

Grace Bailey, Andrew Eggerding, Sophia Kvochak,

Caroline Ray, Zach Wazny –and–
Edward Cepe, Brent Hankins, Larissa Hoskins,

Henry Jackson, Julie Klusmeier, Steven Leesman,

Ryan McKeown, Larenda Nelms, Sam Newton,

Edward Oakley, Morgan Olenick


UC Blue Ash exhibit design team:

Prof. Jamie Albert, Lukas Kalinoski,

Department of Art & Visual Communication


Ohio History Service Corps members:

Myra Morehart, Claire Payne


Special Thanks:

Ben Barnes, Jason Crabill, Lloyd Divine, Robin Dushane, William Dichtl

Cliff Eckle, Dana Gagnon, Stacey Halfmoon, George Ironstrack, Clay Johnson, Lana Newhart-Kellen,

Bradley Lepper, Akram Pari, Lesley Poling, Steve Preston, Greg Smith, Mary Stockwell,

Roberta Stockwell, Chief Glenna Wallace, Lisa Wood, James Zeender, 


Funding for this exhibit was provided by:

Richard H. Sutphin Family Foundation

Xavier University Mission Animators


Mission Animators are a group of Xavier faculty and staff working with President Michael Graham, S.J. to more deeply integrate Xavier’s Jesuit identity into everyday life at Xavier. Inspired by the words of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit and current pontiff, the group chose the theme of immigration as a focus for the 2016-2017 academic year. 


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